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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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Attorney Fees

Plea Bargain (not past due): $75 per violation

Plea Bargain (past due/needs bonds): $150 per violation

Bench Trials : $500

​Jury Trial: Per contract only!

allen speeding ticket attorneys

Collin county Traffic Violation Lawyers

Since 1994,  the attorneys of Jack Byno & Associates have defended speeding tickets and other traffic violations in the Allen,Texas Municipal Court. The typical case involves a driver who received  speeding ticket and wants to keep it off of their driving record. Our lawyers can be retained to either plea the case or take it to trial.

Normally, when we are retained to plea a case, the following will occur:

  1. We will send a letter of representation to the court. This means we have given the Allen Traffic Court written notice that our lawyers will be representing you an we request a court date;
  2. When the court date comes up, one of our attorneys will appear on your behalf and negotiate a deal with the prosecuting attorney. You do not need to be present.
  3. At the court appearance, we will plea the case for you to the best deal we can make;
  4. We will request deferred disposition (probation). So long as you qualify for the probation and successfully complete it, the Allen speeding ticket will not appear on your driving record. If you do not qualify for the probation, the ticket will appear on your driving record as a conviction; and
  5. After the court appearance we will send you written notice of the outcome, how much your court fees are, and when they are due.

In most cases, we are able to work out a deal for probation, but notable execptions are CDL holders, those that have had to many speeding tickets in Allen in the recent past, and drivers that are traveling more than 20 miles per hour above the speed limit.

If your Allen speeding ticket is in warrant status, our lawyers can post bond, lift the warrant, and appear in court to plea your case. The process is the same as noted above once the traffic warrant is lifted.

If you are not eligible or if you believe you are not guilty of the speeding in Allen, Texas our attorneys can be retained to fight your case in a trial. Contact us today, to discuss your traffic violations at 817-685-0912.