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Jack Byno & Associates have represented the residents of Allen, Texas with all manor of driving violations and license issues since 1994, including driver's license suspension hearings and occupational driver's licenses. If you have a suspended driver's license and you are interested in learning if something can be done to help you get back on the road legally, click the red CONTACT US button to the right.

There are two main reasons that a person may have a driver's license suspension. It may be suspended due to a criminal punishment following a violation like DWI. However, the more common reason is a civil suspension that took place as a quasi-administrative hearing brought by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Your options depend upon the nature of your suspension.

As noted above, our attorneys have been assisting clients with Allen driver's license suspensions since 1994. We have the experience and knowledge you need to consult with to determine if you are eligible to receive an occupational driver's license. Assuming you are eligible for an occupational driver's license and it is granted to you, it will allow you to drive to and from your home, work, school or other necessity in Allen, Texas and back.


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