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$150 per violation past due or in warrant


$500 for Bench Trial

Jury Trial by written contract only!


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Fines and court costs are not included in fees for legal representation.

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Having a Commercial Driver's License means that you are a professional driver and your livelihood depends upon keeping your record as clean as possible. Jack Byno & Associates  have defended CDL holders since 1994 and we understand what is at stake for you. The lawyers of our firm can assist you with Allen, Texas traffic tickets and CDL violations.

Jack Byno is a former municipal court judge and has the experience to help you with your Allen trucking citations. No attorney can make you any promises or guarantees to the outcome of your case. However, we are prepared to state that if retained, we will do the very best we can for you. Contact us today (by clicking the red button to the right) and we can discuss your individual charge(s) in detail.

Every Allen traffic ticket violation is different, but the common denominator for all driver's that hold a CDL is that they want to keep their record clean. Naturally, our lawyers look for dismissals first, but there must be grounds for the Allen Municipal Court to dismiss your ticket. If we cannot get your citation dismissed we next seek to minimize the damage to your record. You always have the option to retain the services of our attorneys to take your case to trial.

​Contact Jack Byno & Associates to discuss your Allen, Texas speeding tickets, traffic warrants, and/or CDL violations. Our attorneys also represent clients with Collin County, Texas DWI charges, as well driver's license suspesnion hearings and Occupational Driver's License proceedings.

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